2018 Term Fees and Conditions

All prices shown include GST
Fees are calculated and invoiced per term.
Our terms run with school terms.
The fee structure is based on a reducing scale so the more hours a student does a week, the lower the hourly class rate.

Prices below are based on an hourly rate per week

Term 1:

1 Hour a Week X9 Classes = $118.80

2 Hours a Week X9 = $217.80

3 Hours a Week X9 = $297.00

Studio Junoirs: 1 Casual Class and 1 Studio Juniors class a Week total of 2 hours: $217.00
Juniors/Young Gunz/Varsity/Open: Two 1 hour and a half classes require total of 3 hours: $297.00


All new students MUST have a completed enrolment form to start their first class.

Download form at bottom of page.*


All fees to be paid by second week of term, please contact A2d for Registration forms and details.

Only students that have paid in full by the due date can continue term classes.

I understand that if the term fees are not paid by the due date, I and/or my child/ren will be asked to sit out of classes until payment has been made.

NO REFUNDS e.g Missed classes , On camp, On holiday or just unable to attend.

COSTUME fees to be announced closer to the performance date.

COSTUMES will remain the property of A2D Studios until paid in full.



Safety, respecting A2D studios and its property.

1. SWEARING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED inside the studio, in the office area, outside the building, OR at any A2D performances/comps and events. (This includes parents and relatives or anyone dropping off and picking up students)

2. Chewing gum in NOT permitted in the dance studio at ANY time.

3. Please put all your rubbish in the bins provided.

4. Please be aware that there are other building around us so no running or yelling out- side. This is also a safety hazard as cars are coming to and from businesses that use

the drive way frequently.

5. Speed limit for the drive way is 5km/hr. Please drive safely as there are children, adults

and mothers with prams crossing the driveway.



This area is provided for paying, dropping off and picking up your children.
Waiting in your car is the ideal option, as this is a small area and is not ideal for large crowds.
Class turn over needs to be flowing and noise is to be at a minimum so students can con- centrate in class.
Parents must be prompt in dropping off and picking up students. A2D takes no responsibil- ity for students prior to commencement or after completion of classes.
DO NOT litter, we have bins provided for rubbish.



All students must dress appropriately for class and keep to hip hop street wear.
No short shorts. (Must be at or past your knee).!
No leggings unless your t-shirt covers your crutch area. A flannie, bandana or something tied around your waist is appropriate.
No gym wear, thongs, jeans, tight or restricting clothing.
Appropriate clothing includes:
Baggy t-shirts/Singlets/Jumpers (A2D Studio Tops are ENCOURAGED to wear).

Long shorts (basketball shorts), loose trackies, pants and e.g. (Factories, Chachi,Urban Empire or imitations).

  • ➡  Street shoes are to be worn at all times. E.g. (Hi-tops,Adidas, Vans, Converseshoes or imitations).BEHAVIOUR:

*All students and family members must respect each other.! *Be friendly and greet everyone.
*Include others and make people feel welcome.
*Respect all the teachers assistants and every office staff.



1. Verbal Abuse
2. Physical
3. Name calling or degrading
4. Hurting someones feelings.
5. Inappropriate social networking
E.g. Facebook relating to any A2D students or family members.




➡No smoking inside or out the front of the studio.
➡If you must, smoke away from the building near your car, close to the fence and pick up your buts.

Do not smoke and hang in front of other factories and drop litter, (this includes smoke butts).


Conditions of Enrolment, Permission & Indemnity Waiver;



I give permission as a student or for my child/ren, to be photographed for any promotional material such as newsletters, newspaper articles, poster/handouts, DVD productions, pho- to boards, billboards and Video footage posted on the internet for learning/advertising pur- poses, which occasionally may be used to promote A2D Studios.


In the events of an injury or accident, I, the parent/guardian or student (if 18 years of age or older), give permission to Addicted Dance Studios, its owners, operators and teachers to seek medical treatment for myself and/or my child/ren in the event they are not able to reach a parent or guardian. Where an ambulance is deemed necessay, all costs will be incurred by the parent/guardian.



Download, print and complete this form before your first class: